We are located on the corner of Fillmore and O'Farrell.    Our office can be found within the inner courtyard of The Fillmore Center
Are you receiving the complete nutrients that your body needs to function at its peak?  Most of us do not fulfill our body's nutritious needs through diet alone.  Through an extensive nutritional consultation GAEL Modern Health will assist in restoring your body's health.  Learn about the benefits of whole food plant based supplements and how maximizing your body's nutritious needs will optimize the level in which your body can perform. 
Purify your body through a detox program.  Our body is exposed daily to toxins and pollutants which cause deficiencies within our body.  Detoxify and support your body internally to improve weight management, increase your energy, optimize clearer thinking, increase better digestion, experience less bloating, get restful sleep, and have clearer skin and shinier hair.